From CEO of Ordibehesht Hospital

Dr. Seyed Kazem Chabock

Shiraz has long been one of the largest medical poles in the country. In the meantime, a group of well-meaning doctors came together to set up the May hospital. Following the unremitting and compassionate efforts of shareholders, physicians and staff, Ardibehesht Hospital succeeded in providing the highest quality medical services and honors. These honors include the International Patient Acceptance Certificate (IPD) for several consecutive years, the title of National Superior Co-operative, and ISO certification. At present, the hospital has been able to provide unique and specialized medical care, which has been welcomed by other countries, with modern equipment and excellent doctors along with the compassionate efforts of its staff. It is hoped that with the support of Shiraz, Fars Province, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the hospital will be able to further expand its capabilities and bring more glory to the country.

Dr. Seyyed Kazem Feisty-managing director message of Ordibehesht Hospital